Our Atelocollagen Luxury Skin Care line is Expanding!

Atelocollagen collagen Collagen Hydrate naturel collagen

Atelocollagen Naturel Collagen

Naturel Collagen’s flagship luxury line, Atelocollagen, has recently expanded to include new anti-aging products with the same winning combination of ingredients encapsulated in their stellar collagen serum.

The new additions to the Atelocollagen family are Cellular Atelowater and Atelomask. When used on their own, or in conjunction with Atelocollagen and Atelocream MC2 -- your skin will look and feel healthier -- and fine lines and wrinkles will diminish in appearance.

Atelocollagen products are true “youth elixirs”, targeting collagen deficiency in the skin by accelerating collagen stimulation. The secret ingredient? Biologically active, fish-derived collagen hydrate. In other words, the collagen is preserved, not processed -- delivering phenomenal improvements -- in the form of visible and effective results!

Here is how to take full advantage of Atelocollagen’s suite of skin-enhancing products:

NEW! Cellular Atelowater

This moisturizing face mist is enriched with a powerful natural source vitamin C and is used to aid rapid collagen absorption into the skin. Atelowater contains SUPEROX-C™ – an extract from the Australian Kakadu plum, which is the richest plant source of vitamin C and polyphenols in the world. Fun fact: Vitamin C is the only antioxidant that can also increase collagen synthesis!


Cellular Atelowater - Naturel Collagen


When applied twice a day to cleansed, moist skin, this healing collagen serum helps to:

  • remove "dry" wrinkles (caused by dehydration of the skin)
  • reduce the appearance of deep-set wrinkles and fine lines
  • deeply hydrates and nourishes skin
  • refine and smooth skin texture and tone. Acts as a natural exfoliant.
  • lighten hyperpigmentation and reduces acne

Naturel Collagen - Atelocollagen and Atelocream

Atelocream MC2

This incredibly firming face cream combines three types of native collagens: atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen. Atelocream MC2 is an all-natural “energy shot” for the skin that delivers glowing results. Exceptionally light and smooth as silk, this all-in-one face cream is guaranteed to transform your daily skin care routine.

NEW! Atelomask

Atelomask is the ultimate multitasking night care treatment. Its powerful results can be realized when applied as a night cream or used as a nighttime mask. Thanks to ProBioBalance®, consisting of bifidobacteria, a probiotic beneficial for the skin, AteloMask positively affects skin immunology and restores its normal bacterial flora (when bacterial flora is out of balance, it can lead to acne, atopic dermatitis, dryness and other problematic issues.)


Atelomask - Naturel Collagen

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