4 Ways to Keep Your Skin Healthy While Wearing a Mask

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Facemasks and PPE have officially become rooted into our daily lives -- and many people say they will continue to wear a mask in certain situations long after mandatory laws have lifted. (Think airports, medical appointments, large event spaces, etc.)

We all know by now that wearing a mask for several hours at a time can irritate the skin. Air gets “trapped” under the mask and produces an overly warm environment that can trigger myriad skin conditions from acne flare-ups to rashes.

So…now is a good time to revisit your daily skincare habits. As the cooler weather settles in for most of North America -- combined with mask wearing -- extra care and attention should be considered. This is particularly important if you suffer from a pre-existing skin condition that is worsened by prolonged mask usage. Many people also lament the incidence of chafing behind their ears from a mask's elastic bands.

Here are a few steps to keep in mind:

1. Start with a clean slate.

Whenever possible, make sure your face has been cleansed ahead of time. It is also recommended to wash your face after wearing your mask.


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2. Moisturize. Moisturize. Moisturize…and moisturize some more.

This may seem like obvious advice, but we don’t always do what is good for us! Keep a good quality face moisturizer close to you at all times – in your purse, at your desk, and close at hand, at home. This time of year the air is extra dry, so diligent moisturizing is essential.


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3. Collagen 911

Studies confirm that collagen has numerous healing properties. So, if and when a skin condition is triggered through persistent mask wearing, treat it with loving care by using a topical collagen serum. (Don’t forget those irritated spots behind your ears!)


Natural Collagen Platinum (intense healing therapy)

Atelocollagen (moisturizing, skin smoothing serum)

4. Lip Sync

Last, but certainly not least, remember to take extra care of your lips! The extra moisture build-up underneath a mask can create havoc. A dependable lip treatment is essential this time of year to keep your lips dewy fresh.


Collagen Lip Balm (comes in a package of three that should last you well into next year).


Consider this your friendly reminder to try to get back to some skincare basics. Make your skin happy by keeping it clean, protected and moisturized during these “masked” days of winter!

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