Winter Lip Care Essentials

collagen Lip Balm


Harsh, dry winter weather can take its toll on your skin.

The thin, delicate skin on your lips requires special attention during this time, as the lips dry out more rapidly than the skin on your face and body. Protection is the best prevention -- so be sure to stock up on our Collagen Lip Care sets now, to avoid a season of dry, cracked lips.

Naturel Collagen’s Lip Care is a rich serum that guarantees comprehensive renewal throughout the colder seasons. Collagen is combined with elastin to moisturize and regenerate the dried epidermis of the lips. Natural oils, such as argan and jojoba smooth and firm the skin, protecting it from the aging process. Colourless, fragrance free, packaged in a set of three -- and on sale for only $15 -- it is the best lip balm on the planet for a fantastic price.

naturel collagen lip balm

Founder’s Tip: keep it in your handbag or pocket and gloss a little over elbows or cracks on hands when you don’t have body cream available. It’s that effective!

Here's a list of the active ingredients in this natural, soothing balm:

Argan Oil -  regenerates and deeply nourishes skin, reduces irritation and redness. Thanks to the abundance of vitamin E and phenolic compounds, it has an antioxidant effect and effectively prevents skin from aging, influencing its hydration, suppleness and regeneration.

Jojoba Oil - protects the skin against excessive water loss while providing a smooth and oil-free finish. Thanks to vitamin E, it has a regenerating and antioxidant effect. It is recommended for dry skin with a damaged epidermal lipid layer, effectively moisturizing and softening the skin, nourishing it, soothing inflammation and protecting against wrinkles caused by dry skin.

Shea Butter - ensures regeneration, eliminates discolouration and irritation. Additionally, it moisturizes and rebuilds the epidermis. Provitamin A (retinol) prevents aging, initiates the production of collagen, and regenerates the skin. It contains linoleic acid, which rebuilds the skin and limits the effects of free radicals.

Vitamin E - renowned as a strong antioxidant; it stops the skin aging processes, rebuilds the lipid layers of the epidermis and increases protection against harmful external factors. 

Vitamin C - one of the most effective antioxidants. Improves skin suppleness while delicately exfoliating and lightening it up. It also improves the lipid barrier of the epidermis and increases skin immunity.

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