Scientific proof: Fish Collagen Naturally Heals the Skin

fish-derived collagen

A Natural Healer - Fish Collagen

Did you know...

Our collagen serums are known to help heal burns and other trauma, in addition to providing anti-aging effects that smooth and plump the skin? What’s more, according to one recent story featured in the Washington Post, fish-derived collagen is also helping our animal friends heal at an accelerated rate! 

On January 26th, The Washington Post reported that two bears suffering from third-degree burns on their paws due to wildfires in California quickly recovered with the aid of fish-skin “bandages.” The bandages were created from sterilized tilapia fish skin and attached to the bear’s paws. These bandages enabled faster and more efficient healing and soothing due to the collagen protein from the fish skin directly absorbed into the injured paws. Instead of the anticipated healing time of six months, the bears’ burns healed in a matter of weeks -- and they were relocated back into their natural habitat. 

Incredible! So what does this have to do with Naturel Collagen?

As we have said before, not all collagens are created equal. The story, above, supports the science behind Naturel Collagen serums, skin care products and supplements. 

Essentially, our scientists discovered a way to capture and extract the collagen from fresh-water fish skin at the early stage of the developmental process. The result is a biologically active, native collagen -- in a gel form -- that quickly penetrates human skin. In the case of the bear paws, the fish skin was applied directly. However, we are sure that most people would prefer a serum or gel formula over a fish skin “bandage!” 

Naturel Collagen, is one of the only companies in the world that offers this unique form of native collagen in their skin care products and supplements. Most of the collagen skincare and supplements currently on the market are derived from hydrolyzed collagen which has undergone a rigorous chemical process to be useful, rendering temporary, minimal effects.

Our exclusive collagen serums are very popular as they visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines after only 110 days of use (the time needed to rebuild your skin’s collagen structure) – AND they are equally successful in healing the skin from burns, abrasions, and diminishing redness, as well as helping to heal other skin pigmentation conditions. 

Try it - we know your skin will LOVE you for it! 


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