"Skin feel fabulous"

Felicity, Tauranga, New Zealand

"The Hair Thickening Shampoo does everything it claims it will. Both my sister and I have thinning hair post chemo-radiation, exacerbated by age.  In just one week, I have far less hair in my brush and my hair feels and looks thicker."

Lee, Toronto, ON

"Excellent Product"

Ellena, Ontario, Canada

"After taking Colvita for only a short period of time (just over 3 months), my joints already feel better than they did 10 years ago. It is as if all the years of training and its impact on my joints have just been erased. I can feel that the cartilage in my joints have started to replenish itself, and there seems to be a cushion in and around them. It is a wonderful feeling … so, needless to say, I will continue using the product in the future."

Hovig Tchaderian
Muay Thai Kickboxing Specialist
Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor

"Best colway vitamin c on the market."

"Naturel Collagen provides the best skin care products I have ever experienced. I have been using the products for two months and have noticed a significant improvement on my skin's elasticity and hydration. I would strongly recommend these products to anyone."

Susan Waters
Production Coordinator
Multi Media Productions
North Carolina, USA

"I purchased my first Natural Collagen supplement 'Colvita' over 3 years ago, and have been faithfully taking it ever since. The supplement, taken on a regular basis, allows me to play darts, golf and walk without pain (I am 79 years old). It took a few months (as it would with every natural and good quality supplement) before I noticed flexibility in my body and I am now totally free of taking pain killers in order to enjoy a game of darts, golf or a long walk. So don't wait until you reach my age to replenish the lost collagen in your body. Act now and you will not regret taking the natural collagen supplement 'Colvita'. Naturel Collagen's service is very reliable and always prompt. I get my shipments within a few days of ordering."

Eva Manderla
New Hamburg, Ontario, Canada

"I have been a customer of Naturel Collagen skin care products for over 2 years. These products are incredible. I love the 'Slimming Serum' which I use all over my body. Naturel Collagen's delivers on their promises! If you want to improve the texture of your skin, you need to try their products. The results are incredible and so are the prices."

Ghazal Baniasadi
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada

"I had been looking for some good products for my skin, but it seems that everything I had tried was expensive and didn't really deliver any results. I heard about Naturel Collagen's products and thought I'd give it a try. I bought the collagen sample kit and I was really surprised how it made a difference right away. You can actually feel your skin tightening, but without any dry feeling (my skin tends to be dry). It has made my skin clearer, firmer and younger looking. I have actually had several people comment on my skin, asking me what I was using! I would recommend Naturel Collagen to anyone who wants younger looking and smoother skin."

Allison Bacovillard
Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA

"For anyone who is new to Naturel Collagen -- these products are incredible! I have yet to come across products that deliver everything that they claim to deliver."

Suzanne Griffiths
San Diego, California, USA

"I am just so impressed with the Pure Gold Mask with Native Fish Collagen. I was already aware of the gold particles in cosmetics prior to ordering the Gold Mask for a fraction of the cost. An incredible product - there are many masks on the market - but none of them can even come close to the Pure Gold Mask."

Joanne Sandford, Esthetician
San Francisco, California, USA

“After a few months of using Naturel Collagen’s products, I threw out all the expensive, brand-name cosmetics that were costing me a fortune to use. Now, total strangers, in spite of my greying hair, comment on my ageless skin and great complexion. My smooth hands and long, healthy nails also get noticed.

Within less than two weeks, my husband has noticed the diminution of his crow's feet since using the Native Collagen Pure. My skin is continuing to purge in the form of tiny bits of impurities, which feel like sand, that sit on the surface of my skin every morning, so I use my exfoliating glove to remove them. I follow up with my cleansing routine and then apply Native Collagen Pure ... morning and night. My complexion is becoming brighter and more even, too. Awesome products!”

Marguerite Martindale
Editor/Writer/Communication Strategist
Toronto, Ontario, Canada