Naturel Collagen's goal is to help you look and feel your absolute best. Our promise of sustainable health and beauty© delivers scientifically proven, biologically active, fish-derived collagen hydrate.

This still-living serum instantly penetrates your skin to replenish depleted collagen lost due to aging. You'll notice the difference immediately.

(Read here to learn how Jacqui D. discovered these transformative skin care products.)

We love to promote sustainable health and beauty© in any way possible.

The Naturel Collagen philosophy is:

“Since aging is inevitable, let’s choose to do so consciously, intelligently … joyously.”

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Naturel Collagen Canada Team

Jacqui Dunal Naturel Collagen            
Jacqui Dunal, Founder, Naturel Collagen Canada, Sales & Distribution
Valdi  Leszonski, Sales & Distribution

Dr. Edith Gorecki, Director, Regulatory Affairs