30 Ways to Radically Slow Down the Aging Process

30 Ways to Radically Slow Down the Aging Process

September is “Healthy Aging Month”, which makes it a good time to take stock and evaluate your lifestyle choices. The body is a wonderful, resilient creation, and the good news is that it’s never too late to integrate healthy habits and rituals.

It seems that each week there is a new study proclaiming to hold the key to health and longevity. Whether it is exercise regimens, the foods we choose or other nutritional advice, it can be almost impossible to discern fact from fiction. Staying informed is essential, so be sure to do your research. The old adage “everything in moderation” is also fundamental to vibrant health, as is variety -- so strive to mix things up now and then with your exercise routine and diet choices.

This month, make an ongoing commitment to your health and wellbeing. It’s about making better lifestyle choices, not just changing one bad habit. Remember, one of the most important jobs you’ll ever have is to take care of yourself.

To get you moving in the right direction, here is our list of healthy practices to help you become more vigorous, strong and fit -- inside and out -- all year long.

1. Pour your heart into your passion.

Do something you love, every single day -- it’s life affirming.

2. Exercise regularly.

Get moving every day. If you are bored with your current fitness routine, try something new. Take a fit-box or dance class, or try a HIIT workout. Mayo Clinic researchers have proven that interval training may have anti-aging benefits at the cellular level. 

3. “Eat a rainbow” of foods.

Include healthy, colorful collagen-boosting foods in your diet on a regular basis such as avocados, pineapples, citrus fruits and organic, wild fish.



4. Eat cultured vegetables for a natural prebiotic boost.

Also try Collaceina -- our prebiotic supplement designed specifically to repopulate and balance the microflora in your gut. Studies show that gut health is closely linked brain function and a reduction of inflammation.

Collaceina prebiotic

5. Practice “mindful health meditation.”

The mind is a very powerful thing. There are many well-researched studies showing a direct correlation between our emotions, beliefs and thoughts, and the health of our physical body. Using mindful meditation can definitely boost your wellbeing; so make time for it -- even just a few minutes -- every day.

6. Get adequate amounts of vitamin D.

Spend time outside in the sun as much as possible -- a half hour will help. Try supplementing with our ColamiD to provide the body with easily absorbed calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, essentials for bones’ normal growth and development, and be ready for cold and flu season.

7. Show your skin some love.

As we get older our bodies stop producing collagen and elastin. Science tells us that after age 30, our collagen level drops 1%-2% every year -- by 50, we are down 20%-40%.  Be proactive with daily applications of native fish-derived collagen to rebuild your collagen levels, hydrate the skin, and smooth wrinkles.



8. Start each morning with a cup of lemon water.

Lemons are rich in Vitamin C -- which is vital to removing free radicals that can damage healthy cells throughout the body. Vitamin C is the only antioxidant that can also increase collagen synthesis. Lemon is also alkalizing, and improves the body’s ph. levels.


Collagen Booster Lemon


9. Take “device holidays” -- unplug, unwind and give your eyes a break.

Research confirms that screen time before bed is detrimental to a good night’s rest. Nourish tired eyes with our Eye Contour Collagen Elixir.

10. Do yoga, or gently stretch your muscles.

Yoga is also good for building muscle mass that tends to decrease as we get older. Not up for a yoga class? Try these simple stretches.

11. Top off your day with cherry.

Sip on tart cherry juice before bed -- it naturally increases melatonin and will help you sleep.

12. Read a book.

Reading helps to release stress and is good for your brain.

13. Spend time in nature.

Can’t get outside -- or too far from green space? Book mark this website www.movingart.com for a hit of “visual healing”, described as a “ground-breaking approach to combating the effects of nature deficit disorder.”

14. Practice gratitude.

Take the time each day to write down what you are grateful for. It will help keep you in a positive frame of mind.

15. Take a break from the news.

Being bombarded with negative news stories can be bad for your health. Turn off the TV and the radio; stop reading the paper or online newsfeed, and opt for a more mindful or creative activity.

16. Make a joint agreement.

Take good care of your joints with Colvita. Colvita has a solid reputation as one of the purest, most natural and absorbable forms of collagen on the market today. It combines exceptional, synergistic and rejuvenating ingredients that build, support and maintain connective tissue -- and, ultimately, prevent collagen loss.

17. Stop sitting.

If you work at a desk, get up every 60-90 minutes and walk. Your mind and body will be refreshed and you will be better able to handle the rest of the day.

18. Maintain a positive attitude.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “You are what you think, all day long.”

19. Mindful munching.

Refrain from eating two hours before bed, particularly caffeine, alcohol and high-fat foods.  If you are hungry, try a small snack with protein, such as a teaspoon of almond butter on apple slices.

20. Don’t smoke.

Need we say more? It’s one of the fastest ways to accelerate aging and decrease health.

21. Get your LOL’s.

Watch a funny movie or entertaining play. Strive to surround yourself with people you enjoy.

22. Live with purpose.

A life with meaning is a goal we all should be actively pursuing. This new study says people age better if they have purpose in life.

23. Exercise your brain.

Exercises for your brain such as doing puzzles, learning new tasks, and mixing up your routine (i.e. driving a different way to work, brushing your teeth with your less dominant hand) can all be fruitful activities when it comes to maintaining a healthy brain. (PositScience is a fantastic website for brain games). And contrary to popular belief, multi-tasking makes you less productive and interferes with brain function so train your brain to focus solely on one task at a time.

24. Exfoliate once a week.

Exfoliation is essential to ensure that the skin continues to turn over new cells. Our Enzymatic Face Exfoliator taps hypoallergenic fish collagen to reduce wrinkles, while red macro-algae, seawater and glycerin moisturize, balance and regulate hydration.

25. Brush up on your oral health.

There is a strong correlation between the state of your physical wellbeing and the health of your gums and teeth. Regardless of your age, make it a priority to look after your oral health.

26. Stay hydrated.

Drinking adequate amounts of water is a necessity of life of course -- but are you drinking enough? Carry a water bottle with you throughout the day. Opt for green or herbal teas -- they will contribute to better skin, increased energy and maintaining a healthy weight.



27. Practice mindful breathing.

Throughout the day take a minute to tune into the rhythm of your breath. Breathe in and exhale slowly to relax, reduce stress and shift your focus to the present moment.


28. Double “Cs”.

Vitamin C and Collagen both play an important role in collagen production and have the amazing ability to undo photo-aging (skin damage from sun exposure). Reduce wrinkles and repair sun damaged skin with a daily dose of Vitamin C-olway. The added benefits of biologically active fish-derived collagen in the formula enhance and maintain the structure and suppleness of the skin, and contribute to optimum joint health.

29. Put more in the sleep bank.

We all know we need it to survive (7-8 hours per night is recommended) -- but did you know that not getting enough Z’s puts you at risk for things like diabetes, heart disease and obesity? Not to mention the havoc a lack of sleep can play in our daily lives. Poor coping skills, stress, mood swings and lack of  memory retention are a few of the associated problems. Studies show that sleep adversity can also accelerate the aging process.  Make sleep a priority -- not a luxury. It is one of the best beauty treatments there is. As we sleep the body releases cells and growth hormones that function as “repair tools” to help boost and maintain collagen production.  

30. Get social.

It will help you live longer -- make an effort to connect with family, friends and meet new people.


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