Diamond Collagen (50 ml)
Naturel Collagen

Diamond Collagen (50 ml)

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Diamond Collagen is a treasure trove of transdermal peptides IOC Transdermal Collagen Peptides ® with a mass of less than 500 Da (daltons). Our knowledge shows that it is currently the only product on a global scale containing a composition of as many as 151 collagen peptides with the lowest mass of all compounds of this type used in cosmetics. These peptides are the dominant component in the protein fraction of Diamond Collagen - they constitute as much as 90% of its content; the remaining 10% falls on the well-known COLWAY marine collagen, which occurs in the native form of a triple helix. 


Active Ingredients

IOC Transdermal Collagen Peptides ® - a patented component made of native fish collagen, whose individual peptide components have a mass not exceeding 500 Da. These peptides are characterized by excellent transdermal permeability, reaching the layer with fibroblasts, where they stimulate these cells to produce collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. 

Collagen in the form of a triple helix – obtained from fish; activates the production of our natural collagen in the skin, stimulating the cells responsible for its production (fibroblasts). When applied to the skin, it gives a lifting effect. 

Sodium hyaluronate - a physiological form of hyaluronic acid found in the skin. It has an excellent ability to bind water molecules, which translates into improved hydration and appearance of the skin. 



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