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Welcome to Naturel Collagen Canada

Natural Collagen: anti-­aging creams, facial cleansers and more

With the development of a fish-­based collagen that interacts perfectly with the human body, Naturel Collagen Canada offers a line of cutting-­edge anti-­aging creams and skin care products. Incorporating this collagen, developed through an entirely natural process, our skin care products possess epidermal repair properties never before seen in products that have used synthetic and bovine-­based collagen.

For many years, the laboratories of the leading cosmetics firms searched for a form of biologically active collagen that could penetrate the protective barrier of the skin’s epidermis, building a network of protein scaffolds to strengthen the skin. Huge sums of money were spent on biological engineering to develop an anti-­aging wrinkle cream, so that something named “collagen cream” could be found within cosmetics. This resulted in ‘carrion peptides’ obtained from calves necks whose hydrolytes were added to creams and elixirs. However, this research did not fulfill expectations. Bovine collagen does not make its way through the epidermis because it is biologically dead leading to a less or ineffective anti-aging lotion as well as other products that overpromise.

Natural Collagen’s Anti-­Wrinkle Cream Revolution

Now, there’s a new generation of collagen in the world of cosmetology and dermatology. Discovered in Poland it’s a hydrate, from a tri-­level collagen solution obtained from sweet water fish. This is the only biologically active collagen with an amino acid chain structure identical to that of humans.

The unique Natural Collagen formula is a water-­based solution of collagen and elastin combined with lactic acid and cranberry extract as a natural preservative. Lactic acid is the only acid which doesn’t endanger the spatial fiber structure of the collagen, and acts as an accelerator in exfoliation and brightens the epidermis. Containing no additional coloring or fragrances, our anti-­wrinkle creams, elixirs and other skin care products are completely natural.

For more information on how Naturel Collagen can make you look younger view our 21st Century Television appearance below

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