Slimming Serum (200 ml)
Naturel Collagen

Slimming Serum (200 ml)

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Cappuccino-scented Slimming Serum will tighten and tone the skin’s appearance. By regularly massaging this super-balsam into cellulite “hot spots” you’ll notice effectual results.

Slimming Serum contains a combination of carefully selected active ingredients, scientifically chosen to break down cellulite. Ruscus extract, Centella Asiatica extract, caffeine, iodine and l-carnitine work together to encourage the elimination of stubborn fat. Sweet almond oil and Karite butter provide essential fatty acids, soothe irritations and protect against free radicals. The addition of fish-derived collagen hydrate offers numerous healing and invigorating properties, including the reduction of the appearance of spider veins and improvement in the skin’s elasticity.

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