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ORACol (60 capsules)

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A surplus of free radicals, or “unstable molecules,” can drastically speed up the aging process, and the body’s ability to produce antioxidants decreases as we age. Antioxidants keep free radicals in check, and, if they are balanced, our health improves. ORACol safely fulfills all our antioxidant needs for a sound mind and body.

ORACol is nothing short of an antioxidant miracle. Chockfull of fruit, vegetable and spice extracts with the highest values on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale, it also contains glutathione and l-cysteine for additional antioxidant benefits.

Extreme care was taken to create this formula using ingredients that naturally activate the body’s own antioxidant mechanism. The result is an unrivaled COMPOUND antioxidant supplement unlike any other on the market today. Give your body the ultimate advantage against free radicals with ORACol. (60 capsules / one month supply)

Recommended use: 2 capsules a day during or after a meal


gelatin, 4: 1 extract from soft fruit acai berry extract standardized on 25% phenolic acids and 1% anthocyanin, 4: 1 extract from bitter melon fruit, 4: 1 extract from acerola fruit, watermelon fruit extract standardized to 1000 ppm of lycopene, 4: 1 extract of red beet root, 4: 1 extract of garlic, 4: 1 extract of curcuma, anti-caking agent - magnesium salts of fatty acids, L-glutathione, pomegranate fruit extract standardized for 40% ellagic acid, extract from raspberry fruit standardized on 40% ellagic acid and 0.7% anthocyanin, goji berry extract standardized for 20% polysaccharides, 10: 1 extract from parsley, 20: 1 extract from cranberry fruit, 4: 1 apple fruit extract, extract 4: 1 spinach, kale extract standardized for 2% lutein, 4: 1 extract of cinnamon bark, 4: 1 extract of sorghum, 4: 1 extract of oregano, 4: 1 extract of basil leaves, 4: 1 extract of Roman cumin, 4: 1 extract with curry, ek strudel from bilberry fruit standardized to 25% anthocyanins, Dutch cocoa, L-cysteine ​​(L-cysteine ​​hydrochloride), ginseng root extract 4: 1.

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