FREE with purchases over $300! (Collagen Eye cream)
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FREE with purchases over $300! (Collagen Eye cream)

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To maintain and boost collagen levels around the eye, try our Eye Contour Collagen Elixir...our treat!

With any purchase of *$300 or more you will receive a FREE Eye Contour Collagen Elixir with your order!

*Note: spend $300 or more before taxes and shipping. (taxes and shipping are not included)

This customer favourite won the top award for the best “eye moisturizer” in Dermascope Magazine’s 2017 Aestheticians’ Choice Awards! Eye Contour Collagen Elixir combines fish-derived collagen, Pepha-Tight, and Moist 24 hydrates to tighten and moisturize sensitive skin. The micro algae extract tones the skin, while the bioactive tripeptide reduces shadows and puffiness under the eyes. Vitamin E is added to provide antioxidant protection. The result is moisturized, smooth and glowing skin surrounding the eyes.

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Collagen Eye Cream

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