The Science Behind Collagen Hydrate

There is a lot of misleading and conflicting information out there about collagen skin care products and supplements. Many doctors, dermatologists and natural health experts will tell you that topical creams and serums containing collagen may be a complete waste of money because collagen molecules are very large –  making them next to impossible to penetrate the skin.

And we would have to agree.

Our collagen is completely different!

Here are some facts to consider:

What most dermatologists, experts and consumers do not understand is that not all collagens are created equal. The extra-large collagen molecules that cannot efficiently penetrate the skin are referred to as collagen hydrolysates.

There are two key features to consider about hydrolysates:

  • Hydrolysates are composed of amino acids that are “post-collagen” proteins -- produced from the connective tissue of cows and pigs or fish cartilage and scales. 
  • To be useful, this type of collagen must undergo hydrolysis, an aggressive chemical process that results in hydrolyzed collagen. Now “dead” protein, it cannot penetrate the outer layer of skin – so any moisturizing effect is fleeting.
  • Almost all collagen products on the market today are in the form of hydrolyzed collagen.

However, there is another type of collagen that stands out from the rest, due to its ability to penetrate the skin, known as biologically active, fish-derived collagen hydrate — the primary ingredient in Naturel Collagen skin care products.

Collagen hydrate retains its vitality, because of its triple helix structure — a characteristic of living organisms. This "still-living" serum instantly penetrates your skin to replenish depleted collagen lost due to aging.

Some collagen hydrate facts:

  • Polish scientists discovered how to capture/extract collagen from fresh-water fish skin at the early stage of the developmental process, in the form of triple helix (spiral) molecules. 
  • The collagen is then naturally preserved -- not processed -- as hydrate. Unlike hydrolyzed collagen, hydrate peptides easily penetrate the skin’s triple layers to build a network of protein “scaffolds” that regenerate and strengthen, as well as plumping the skin’s appearance. 

Our exclusive collagen serums visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines after only 110 days of use (the time needed to rebuild your skin’s collagen structure). Our collagen skin care products are equally successful in healing the skin from burns, abrasions, and diminishing redness, as well as helping to heal skin pigmentation conditions.


Need more scientific proof?

The history behind the discovery of collagen hydrate, as well as various scientific studies are detailed in the book, Collagen: A New Strategy for Health Preservation and the Prolongation of Youth (authored by S.A. Batechko and A.M. Ledievirov).

You can download an excerpt from the book here.