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Blue Diamond Cream (50 ml)

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Blue diamonds…

Considered extremely rare and sought after by many, blue diamonds have now been incorporated into a unique, new cream from Naturel Collagen.

Introducing Blue Diamond Cream, an avant-garde cosmetic that will indulge the most discerning skin care aficionados.

Blue Diamond’s liposomes were created using nanotechnology to boost absorption, and transport micro particles into the skin cells, as well as offering the most advanced cosmetic form of ceramides and coenzyme Q10. A range of natural active substances also complements this revolutionary formula, including kinetin, derived from stem cells.

The cream’s composition is enriched with biologically active collagen peptides, isolated by a unique European patented method derived from fish skin that stimulates skin cell production and drastically slows down the process of wrinkle formation.

Blue Diamond Cream provides spectacular support for dehydrated, dry and even cracked skin. With daily use, the skin will be transformed to be ultra soft, smooth, nourished and brilliantly glowing, like an incomparable blue diamond.

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