Naturel Collagen

Atelocollagen Mother's Day Bundle

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You can never go wrong with luxurious skincare products for Mom on Mother's Day!

Experience our one-of-a-kind, active collagen formula with our most popular collagen products: Atelocollagen serum and Atelocream --used twice daily, once in the morning and again at night.


Atelocollagen's breakthrough formula targets collagen deficiency in mature skin by accelerating collagen stimulation. The unique gold helix in the centre of the bottle consists of three native fish-derived collagen proteins, as well as elastin and pure gold. Small protein clusters in the hydrate’s low molecular, collagen complex deeply penetrate the skin’s multiple layers to deliver smoothing and plumping affects. Sericin gives this triple helix gel its velvety finish, while rose oil soothes and heals.

Atelocream MC2

Atelocream is your new ally to help reverse the first signs of wrinkles, fatigue and aging. This incredibly firming face cream combines the same three native collagens found in Atelocollagen and utilizes an advanced “liquid crystal” system technology that enables optimum absorption to eliminate wrinkles and regenerate the skin.

Tapping the perfect balance of botanicals such as ginseng, acai berry and piperine, Atelocream MC2 is an all-natural “energy shot” for the skin that delivers glowing results. Exceptionally light and sleek, this all-in-one face cream is guaranteed to transform your daily skin care routine!

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