The Science Behind Native Collagen

Fact: Not All Collagens Are Created Equal


Collagen is a protein found in the body of all animals, including humans. It makes up connective tissue like skin, tendons, cartilage, organs, and bones. It's rich in amino acids that play an important role in the building of joint cartilage and has anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects.

Some doctors, including dermatologists and cosmetic industry professionals will tell you that topical creams and serums containing collagen may be a complete waste of money because collagen molecules are very large -- making them next to impossible to penetrate the skin.

And we would have to agree.

The extra-large collagen molecules in Type I collagen (the most widely occurring collagen in connective tissue) that cannot efficiently penetrate the skin are referred to as HYDROLYZED collagen hydrolysates. To be useful, this type of collagen must undergo hydrolysis, an aggressive chemical process that results in hydrolyzed collagen. This type of collagen (usually from bovine sources) is the one found in most of the collagen products on the market today.

Natural Collagen/Colway products are completely different. Here is an explanation:

  • Extracted from cow hides
  • Heavily processed
  • Contains mostly type I and type III collagen
  • Extracted from skins of silver carp, and other fresh water fish
  • Biologically Active (alive)
  • Contains mostly type I collagen

The amino acid chains are hydrolyzed, meaning they have been broken down to form short chains.

Native collagen protein is cut into single amino acids, instead of chains of amino acids. Collagen produced in this way keeps its spatial structure, very similar to the structure of human collagen, (i.e. a triple helix.)

Due to the size of the molecule, bovine sourced collagen does not penetrate the skin easily – it simply rests on the surface of the skin. Therefore, rendering temporary results.


Native collagen is transdermal. It penetrates human skin easily due to smaller molecules (patent no. 206813). Marine native collagen treats not only the cause of skin aging, but the effects of it as well. Upon touching your skin, it immediately begins to work in tandem with your body's natural processes to penetrate the skin's layers and regenerate depleted collagen fibres.


Our exclusive collagen serums visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines after only 110 days of use (the time needed to rebuild your skin’s collagen structure). Our collagen skin care products are equally successful in healing the skin from burns, abrasions, and diminishing redness, as well as helping to heal skin pigmentation conditions.


Need more scientific proof?

The history behind the discovery of native marine collagen, as well as various scientific studies are detailed in the book, Collagen: A New Strategy for Health Preservation and the Prolongation of Youth (authored by S.A. Batechko and A.M. Ledievirov).

You can download an excerpt from the book here.