Collagen Products and Supplements: Is the Hype Justified?

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It would seem that collagen is having a “moment”. Many are discovering what we knew all along: Collagen supplements, creams, and serums can generate some incredible results – if you choose wisely.

The collagen industry has gained momentum in the last few years. A plethora of collagen products have made their way into the marketplace—even added to food and drinks. A company out of the UK has designed a collagen infused gin, and Gweneth Paltrow is reportedly enhancing her martinis with collagen. Celebrities like Jennifer Aniston swear by their daily collagen smoothies – and the iconic Martha Stewart touts the use of collagen masks as an essential step in her skin care regime.

However, “not all collagens are created equal” – so buyer beware.  More accurately, buyer “be aware” that these trendy collagen products are filled with nothing more than hyped-up, empty promises.

Colvita is our star collagen supplement. It has a solid reputation as one of the purest, most natural and bioactive forms of collagen on the market today. It combines exceptional, synergistic and rejuvenating ingredients that build, support and maintain connective tissue – and, ultimately, prevent collagen loss.

Colvita is the result of a breakthrough in European biotechnology that utilizes freeze-dried, pure fish tropocollagen, algae extract and Vitamin E to slow the aging process. In fact, it’s the only supplement that the Sports University in Cologne, Germany recommends to its athletes.

 Colvita Naturel Collagen

Why it works

Colvita Collagen is produced from lyophilized fish collagen. Lyophilization is the technical term for the freeze-drying process. This method guarantees the highest purity of the product. The result is biologically active, pure fish collagen (98% proteins) composed of highly bio-absorbable amino acids (collagen components). The amino acids in the collagen are more easily broken down by the body due to the addition of Vitamin E, as well as minerals, and Vitamin C present in algae. The collagen in Colvita is comprised of native collagen molecules (not hydrolyzed hydrolysates as found in most collagen products), which makes it highly bio-available, simply put the collagen is easily and far more readily absorbed. Collagen in Colvita is almost 100% anabolic, which means that it is not “used up” e.g. in energy or excreted. It completely serves the building of new cells. 


What people are saying

Jacqui Dunal, founder of Naturel Collagen, has been a champion of Colvita for many years. At her recent check-up, Jacqui’s doctor was amazed (and somewhat perplexed) to discover that her bone density readings have been increasing with each yearly examination.

Recently, we connected with Lee-Anne Wann, a performance nutritionist, men’s health advocate and one of New Zealand’s top health and fitness experts. Lee-Anne was kind of enough to share her personal and family experiences while taking the Colvita supplement, and here is what she had to say:

My father has been using Colvita Collagen and Vitamin C for the past 12 months. He has liver cirrhosis and was told there was nothing more to be done but wait until his liver got worse to be put on the liver transplant list. We decided we had nothing to lose, so I changed his nutrition and focused on foods to help with liver function, minimized any processed, packaged foods and introduced higher protein levels into his diet. 

We then added 8 x capsules of Colvita Cllagen per day -- split into 4 doses each with 1 x capsule of Vitamin C.  I also gave him 4 x 400mg SAMe per day.  Now 12 months later his liver tests are nearly those of a normal functioning liver and his blood tests are just about normal.  He has reduced nearly all of the medications he was on and is currently only on a tablet to help manage blood pressure.

I have been using Colvita Collagen as well, as part of my training regime-- and also to manage arthritis, as I have no cartilage left in one knee and must be very careful of it to manage the pain – I was told I would need a knee replacement.  I take 2-6 capsules of Colvita per day with 2-3 Vitamin C capsules – I have no knee pain, no knee swelling and am able to train as normal, with no ill-effects at all and I take no other joint supplements.

I’d also like to add that having recently given birth to a baby girl I am really pleased with my skin health in terms of absolutely no stretch marks at all – having gained 18kg and delivering a rather large baby. I used the collagen gel on my stomach daily followed by coconut oil.  I also took Colvita and Vitamin C daily while pregnant and am thrilled with the results. 

Here are a few more of the added benefits of taking Colvita Collagen:

  • Improves skin conditions from “within” – contributing to velvety soft skin.
  • Regular use slows the aging processes of tissues.
  • Significantly improves and strengthens skin, hair and nails.
  • Regenerates structures of connective tissue, cartilage, bone, and collagen structures of eyes and hair.
  • Bone loss prevention.
  • Metabolizes protein during workouts, building muscle mass.
  • Better joint health.
  • Recommended during rehabilitation after physical injuries.
  • Supports heart health and other inflammatory diseases.



Lemon fruit lyophilizate (carrier), Algae (Fucus vesiculosus),  fish gelatin (capsule), collagen lyophilizate, vitamin E (D-alfa-tocopherol)


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