GanoCord (60 capsules)
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GanoCord (60 capsules)

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GanoCord is an exceptional healing composition of two extraordinary extracts. The first is ganoderma extract, more commonly known as reishi mushroom and is synonymous with longevity. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years for its potent health benefits, ganoderma boosts the immune system, helps maintain optimum levels of LDL cholesterol and benefits the cardiovascular system.

The second component of GanoCord is cordyceps mycelium -- another rare and powerful medicinal mushroom found only in the high mountains of Tibet. Considered an anti-aging superfood, this unique extract combats the effects of stress, increases energy, supports the immune system and boosts vitality. The synergistic health benefits of these two fierce fungi are second-to-none!  (Contains 60 capsules / one month supply)

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