Luxury DNA Night Care (50 ml)
Naturel Collagen

Luxury DNA Night Care (50 ml)

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Empowered by the latest achievements in biotechnology, Luxury DNA Night Care cream is specifically formulated to help reverse the signs of aging by strengthening and activating the skin’s natural cell formation processes, stimulating them to grow and divide. This velvety-soft and creamy night treatment is enriched with natural essential oils that offer intense moisturization and nourishment, while the skin regenerates overnight.

Experience visible results, such as improved circulation and oxygenation – giving your skin a fresh, smooth and radiant appearance. Similar to Luxury DNA Day Care cream– the formula focuses on 15 active ingredients, (see full list of ingredients here) transforming antioxidants, DNA and RNA nucleic acids, and growth hormones that stimulate the DNA repair processes. The addition of biologically-active fish-derived collagen, AKA, the “skin rejuvenator” provides long-term protection against moisture loss and reduces wrinkles. These powerful rejuvenation properties yield similar results to minor cosmetic procedures – minus the scalpels and injections!

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