Luxury DNA Day Care cream (50 ml)
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Luxury DNA Day Care cream (50 ml)

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Luxury DNA Day Care cream slows the appearance of noticeable signs of aging, rebuilds cells and upholds the regenerative processes that preserve the skin’s youthfulness. The DNA line features highly-concentrated cosmetic formulas that have a unique effect not only on the skin’s surface, but also at the cellular and intercellular levels.

Luxury DNA Day Care cream delivers four levels of anti-aging properties: It protects the cells from oxidative stress, helps rebuild the cell matrix, and deeply moisturizes and stimulates the synthesis of collagen. Created from 15 active ingredients (see full list of ingredients here), including hyaluronic acid, Coenzyme Q10 and our signature fish-derived collagen hydrate – this day treatment combines peptide-corrective action, powerful antioxidants, DNA and RNA nucleic acids, and growth hormones that stimulate the DNA repair processes. You will love its light consistency and, of course, adore the results!

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