Cellular Atelowater (150 ml)
Naturel Collagen

Cellular Atelowater (150 ml)

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Did you know that vitamin C is the only antioxidant that can also increase collagen synthesis? Cellular Atelowater, is the newest addition to the popular Atelocollagen line. A moisturizing mist enriched with a powerful natural source vitamin C, Atelowater is used to aid rapid collagen absorption into the skin. Rich in mineral ions and trace elements, cellular water has a composition of water present in the human skin. Atelowater provides the necessary balance for optimum functioning of cellular processes, and ultimately, skin health and elasticity. Enriched with natural vitamin C, superoxide dismutase, atelocollagen, tropocollagen and procollagen I, Atelowater will dramatically help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Atelowater contains SUPEROX-C™ – an extract from the Australian Kakadu plum, which is the richest plant source of vitamin C and polyphenols in the world. This botanical ingredient supplies rich antioxidants and essential elements to counter-act the signs of aging. It also works by stimulating pro-collagen I, and the synthesis of hyaluronic acid; smoothing wrinkles and fading facial discolorations.

When used daily, this mist deeply moisturizes and calms the skin -- preparing it for further restorative care with Atelocollagen serum and Atelocream MC2.


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