What’s the Best Way to Apply Collagen Serum? Follow This 4-Step Process for Youthful, Glowing Skin

collagen application collagen serum instructions for use

collagen serum application


Collagen naturally depletes with age starting in your twenties (yes, 20s!) So, the earlier you begin a quality collagen skin care regime, the better.

The Atelocollagen line is by far our bestseller and is a customer favourite.

Recommended for dry and/or sensitive skin, Atelocollagen is a superior anti-aging collagen serum designed to target collagen deficiency. The gold helix in the centre of the bottle consists of three native fish-derived collagen proteins, as well as elastin and pure gold. Its delicate aroma is thanks to healing natural rose oil, lending additional nourishing qualities.

Important Note: Our collagen serums must be applied on clean, slightly wet skin, as biologically active collagen peptides are better absorbed if the serum is gently patted on moist skin. A “tightening” effect may be felt several minutes after the collagen has been applied. It is strongly recommended that you apply the collagen to the face, neck and décolletage.

Smooth skin and replenish your collagen levels in 110 days with these four steps:

Step One: Wash/cleanse the face and lightly pat dry. (Try our natural Collagen Wash Gel)

Step Two: Gently mist the face with a few sprays of Vitamin-C packed Cellular Atelowater, avoiding the eye area.

Step Three: While your face is still moist, put one to two pumps of Atelocollagen into the palm of your hand and apply the serum to your face, neck and décolletage. Let the serum dry, at least 2-4 minutes, but it can be left on for as long as you want. (Note: do not rinse off the serum.)

Step Four: Apply Atelocream to the same areas as above (face, neck and chest area) and proceed with make-up application, if desired.

Follow these steps once in the morning, and again in the evening. Results will accelerate with regular use…your skin will love you for it!

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