Try this Ancient Mineral “Treasure” to Support Health and Weight Loss



Common sense tells us that the foundation of any wellness journey begins with a balanced diet, plenty of exercise and adequate sleep. Coupled with consistency, following these edicts will lead to an increase in overall health -- with accompanying positive “side effects." You may notice that you are more optimistic, have more energy, and enjoy increased productivity as well as a stronger body, and a more tranquil mind.

However, things do not always go as planned. Life happens. Perhaps you are going through a stressful time, or you aren’t eating right due to time or other constraints, or your work and social schedule includes too many lunch or dinner engagements. All of of these particular situations -- along with a host of other elements that can sabotage your good health -- interfere with your healthy equilibrium as well as the numbers on the scale. That’s when it may be time to turn to high-quality, pharmaceutical grade effectual supplements that can help you weather the storms of life -- and assist with the never ending battle of health and weight maintenance.

slimColEnter slimCol, a new supplement that is here to help support your weight loss and wellness goals. SlimCol combines a judiciously selected combination of natural plant extracts, designed to boost your overall health and weight loss. What makes slimCol particularly effective is the inclusion of a very powerful, naturally occurring rare mineral, known as “Mumiyo.”

Mumi-who, you ask?  Good question.

Mumiyo, a term of Russian origin, is made from an ancient substance known as “Shilajit”, found predominately in the Himalaya and Tibet mountains. Shilajit is a tar-like substance that seeps from cracks in mountains or deep rock formations, mostly due to the warmth of the sun.

There is an abundance of lore and mystique associated with Mumiyo’s revered origin, use and properties -- conjuring up imaginings of treasure-laden quests from the movie, Indiana Jones. However, Mumiyo’s effects are very tangible. This “miracle” mineral has been called “mountain blood” and “mountain tears” and contains rare, powerful, amino acids, minerals and fatty acids. Its roots are deep in other cultures as well, (Mumiyo has also been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine) and it remains a popular health elixir to this day. Many have even referred to Mumiyo as a “national treasure.”

Rich in fulvic acid, Mumiyo is a powerful antioxidant known to neutralize free radicals, improve gut and brain health and maintain a strong immune system. When combined with the perfect match of ingredients in slimCol, this ancient mineral helps to support the metabolism of lipids and sugar, leading to weight loss (in combination with healthy eating habits and exercise) and weight maintenance -- not to mention a multitude of rejuvenating properties.

Other key slimCol ingredients, and their corresponding functions include:

Capsaicin – stimulates the oxidation of carbohydrates

Grape Extract – helps to maintain a healthy body weight and reduce cellulite

Artichoke, Common Chicory – supports weight loss and detoxification

Gurmar – reduces cravings for sweets

Ginger – helps control normal blood sugar levels


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