The Five-Step “Flight Plan”: A Travel Routine That Will Save Your Skin

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The Six- Step “Flight Plan”: A Travel Routine That Will Save Your Skin


Do you ever wonder how celebrities manage to look so glamorous and fresh after a long flight? Undoubtedly, they rely on some go-to skin care products to help keep them hydrated. We all know that cabin air is notorious for wreaking havoc on the skin. There’s no doubt that the dry, recycled air can leave your skin looking lifeless and stressed.

The solution? Three words: moisturize, moisturize and…moisturize!

Never fear! Our in-flight skin care plan is here to help ensure you arrive at your destination looking dewy soft and glowing.

Plan ahead and be sure to decant skin care products into small travel-sized jars or bottles, and place them in your carry on. We also recommend purchasing all-natural travel wipes – perfect for swiping your airline seat and folding tray – and to cleanse your hands before applying skincare products.

Travelling can be stressful – which can trigger skin issues. Don’t let your time in the sky steal your sparkle!

Step One: Consider going make-up free.

Skincare experts agree: less is best, particularly on long-haul flights. Foundation and even mascara and other eye make-up can intensify dehydration. A fresh face also means your skin is prepped and ready to receive some in-flight pampering.

Step Two: Facial Mist

A simple way to keep your skin moist and nourished is to use a good quality facial mist. Our Cellular Atelowater fits the bill perfectly. Atelowater provides serious nourishment for your skin, as it contains extract from the Australian Kakadu plum -- the richest plant source of vitamin C and polyphenols in the world. This botanical ingredient supplies abundant antioxidants and essential elements to counteract the signs of dehydration and formation of “dry” wrinkles.

Step Three: Apply a Rich Cream

Seal the deal and keep your skin soft and dewy with a superior moisturizer that will work as a barrier to keep the skin protected and nourished. Atelomask works wonders in this instance – as it acts as both a cream and a mask in one. It beautifully uplifts tired, dry skin and contains our three Native Collagens: tropocollagen, pro-collagen and atelocollagen as well as a welcome dose of probiotics to help maintain normal bacterial flora (which, when out of balance, can lead to acne, atopic dermatitis, dryness and other problematic issues.)

Step Four: Protect Your Lips

A soothing lip balm can be a traveler’s best friend – so you should never go too far without a tube of our Collagen Lip Balm. Keep in mind that not all lip balms are created equal – many are waxy and dehydrating. Naturel Collagen lip balm is colourless and fragrance free – its luxurious formula contains our signature collagen hydrate combined with natural oils such as argan and jojoba to smooth and regenerate the delicate skin on the lips. Insider tip: you can even gloss a little over elbows or cracks on hands when you don’t have body cream available. It’s that enriching – and effective!

Step Five: Drink Water or Herbal Tea

Perhaps an obvious point -- but one that bears repeating. Help your skin stay hydrated by drinking water or teas – avoid alcohol and coffee as they are considered diuretics and contribute to dehydration. Also, be mindful of any salty, processed foods which can cause inflammation and puffiness around the eyes.

There you have it! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight -- knowing that your six-step plan will have you arriving rested looking and radiant!

Happy travels!



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