Not All Collagens Are Created Equal

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Thousands of “collagens” on the market are usually hydrolyzed hydrolysates composed of amino acids that are “post-collagen” proteins. No longer collagen, they merely contain amino acids typical of collagen tissues.

Bovine Hydrolyzed Collagen vs Fish-Derived Native Collagen

Collagen used in skin care products and supplements is usually produced from the connective tissue of cows and pigs or fish cartilage and scales. To be useful, it must undergo hydrolysis, an aggressive chemical process that results in hydrolyzed collagen. Now “dead” protein, it can’t penetrate the outer layer of skin. So its moisturizing effect is temporary.

Superior collagen means superior heritage and superior results. Polish scientists, using superior technology, capture and extract collagen from fresh-water fish skin at earlier stages of the developmental process in the form of triple helix (spiral) molecules. It is then preserved — not processed. At this pro-collagen stage, its molecules keep their triple helix structure, a characteristic of living organisms. This vital difference determines their biological activity in beauty products and supplements.

The Triple Helix Factor

Biochemists and cosmetologists agree that only collagen’s triple helices are able to attach water molecules to create gels. In gel form, collagen is the world’s simplest and most effective natural skin care product that rejuvenates the skin and helps address numerous skin problems. But only after it is broken down into biologically active, short peptide chains, composed of amino acids, can it penetrate the skin.

When “Natural” Means Natural: The Naturel Collagen Difference

Manufactured exclusively under the Colway brand in the EU, our collagen differs from all others:

Its biologically active triple helices must first be broken down into single spirals; then into smaller protein chunks to penetrate the skin. Because it has been preserved, not processed, this carefully extracted collagen maintains all of its natural, still vital, hydrating properties to support and replenish your skin’s collagen.

Catering to Your Body’s Every Need

We all know that to sustain a youthful glow – you must hydrate, exfoliate and smooth the skin. Naturel Collagen provides a complete line of products to help you maintain a flawless complexion – smoother skin, improved skin tone and reduced wrinkles – all without any additives, coloring, fragrances and parabens. You’ll notice the difference from your first application!

Naturel Collagen endorses a holistic approach to “sustainable health and beauty”© because, in addition to looking healthy…you want to be healthy! Therefore, we offer a related line of collagen supplements that benefit stressed joints and connective tissues, as well as repopulate healthy gut bacteria, and boost the immune system.

Where Should I Begin?

For best results, treat your skin to the complete Naturel Collagen experience. You can review our à la carte menu for sustainable beauty -- or consider:

Atelocollagen targets collagen deficiency in mature skin by accelerating collagen stimulation. The unique gold helix in the centre of the bottle consists of three native fish-derived collagen proteins: tropocollagen, atelocollagen and procollagen, as well as elastin and pure gold. Sericin gives this fish-derived, triple helix gel its velvety finish, while rose oil soothes and heals.

Colvita, a dietary and nutricosmetic supplement, comprises frozen and dried fish tropocollagen, algae extract and Vitamin E. Excellent support for skin, hair and nails, it also works wonders for joint pain. It is the only supplement recommended by the Sports University in Cologne, Germany.



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