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collagen Jacqui Dunal naturel collagen skin care

People often ask me how I started in this business. Information about these revolutionary products fell into my lap, seemingly out of the blue. Here is the back-story:

Early in 2009, I answered a long-distance call from a good friend of my mother (“Mamka”). She had lost her telephone number and so she called me instead, and began telling me about some skin care products she thought we should try.

Ordinarily, my silent, eye-rolling thought would have been: “Here we go, the latest hype about another anti-aging product … yadda, yadda, yadda.”

But, when the caller is a well-known and respected Polish scientist, you take notice.

“Madam Scientist” said that she had come across a line of natural collagen skin care products and a supplement that is a breakthrough in skin and health care. Having a keen interest in the skin care business, she had my full attention.

Well, she quickly lost me during her scientific explanation about the unsurpassed benefits of biologically active, fish-derived natural collagen as opposed to collagen hydrolysate derived from cows and pigs. Hydrolysate? Fibroblasts? Peptides? Triple helix? I was bewildered. Nevertheless, I took down the information and, once we finished our conversation, I did some research. It led me to the manufacturer of these fabulous products, and I ordered some.

Mamka and I began using them immediately. To our delight, the results significantly outperformed the myriad budget-busting, disappointing, brand-name, skin care products we had tried over the years.

Mamka and I tried out the products for a year. The results were amazing! Better yet, friends began noticing that my skin had never looked better. All the products confirmed the sustainable health and beauty© results I had been looking for.

Thoroughly satisfied, I started recommending the products to my friends and acquaintances. Once they began using them, they recommended them to their friends and acquaintances. And this is how the business started five years ago. 

When I began to get more and more compliments and questions about my glowing skin, healthy hair and nails from total strangers, my gut said, “This is it! You’re onto something good that, unfortunately, is not available on the market.” So, I decided to set up a website to promote these health -- and beauty-enhancing products. And here we are!

In 2014, Multi Media Productions gave me their highest award, the Silver Telly. My presentation on 21st Century Television was about these innovative skin care products that retain their living, triple helix structure. It is this biologically active native collagen that gives them their unparalleled ability to penetrate your skin’s layers.

Penetration is the key difference that sets these skin care products apart from others! Without it, products cannot pass through the epidermis to replenish and hydrate the deeper layers of your skin. 

As a result of the 21st Century presentation, viewers on five continents, and more than 500 accomplished industry professionals voted me a leader in the skin care industry.

It is also important to note that the supplements complement the skin care products. They make for a healthy gut, flexible joints, and a strong immune system so that your sustainable health and beauty© routine can fire on all cylinders — inside and out, and from head to toe. 

Now, I no longer see that phone call from Mamka’s friend as coming from “out of the blue,” but as an invitation from Spirit to help others look and feel their best. When we do, we are more likely to approach life from a positive perspective. 

One of my Mamka’s favourite cheeky sayings was, “You can’t be with your ass on two weddings.” I now disagree. Since I started promoting these amazing products, my zest for life has increased, as has my curiosity about other types of businesses, and I am now a successful real estate entrepreneur. Doing something I really love has changed my life for the better. 

I love running my collagen business and hearing how pleased people are that the products deliver on their promises. And, since I believe sustainable health and beauty© also require healthy lifestyle choices, I exercise regularly and am very particular about what I feed my body. As for my mind and spirit, I travel, read on diverse subjects, enjoy philately, music and film, and do yoga.



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