An Intelligent Collagen that Generates Skin Repair

There is a lot of conflicting information out there about collagen.

Here are some facts to consider: Most of the collagen skincare and supplements currently on the market are derived from hydrolyzed collagen which has undergone a rigorous chemical process to be useful, rendering temporary, minimal effects (as the skin cannot fully absorb hydrolyzed collagen.)

Our Atelocollagen serum has been naturally preserved without any chemicals. Essentially, our scientists discovered a way to capture and extract the collagen from fresh-water fish skin at the early stage of the developmental process.

The result is a biologically active, native collagen -- in a gel form -- that quickly penetrates human skin. This is what makes our collagen stand-alone...its absorbability! It is an intelligent collagen, as the skin takes what it needs.

Naturel Collagen exclusive collagen serums visibly reduce wrinkles and fine lines after only 110 days of use (the time needed to rebuild your skin’s collagen structure) – AND they are equally successful in healing the skin from burns, abrasions and other skin pigmentation conditions, as well as diminishing redness.

Try it - we know your skin will LOVE you for it!


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