6 Ways Discovering Collagen Changed My Outlook on Life

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Naturel Collagen sixth anniversay celebration

Naturel Collagen is celebrating their six-year anniversary this month! NC founder Jacqui Dunal reflects on the last six years and her determination to introduce a completely new form of collagen to the North American market.

The events that led Jacqui to discover biologically active, fish-derived collagen were rather serendipitous (as described here) – commencing with a phone call “out of the blue” from a renowned Polish scientist, that would put her on a path that would enrich her life in many ways.

Jacqui Dunal, Naturel CollagenRecalling the first time she applied natural collagen on her skin she says, “My skin was so tight that I was not able to speak! I called the manufacturer [Colway] to find out what was wrong with the product. The answer was that my collagen was so depleted that I needed to continue using it for a while before the tightening disappeared and my level of collagen was brought to a manageable level.”

“I continued to use the products and the results became immediately obvious – I was hooked! After a year of testing the native collagen skin care line and supplements, it was an easy decision to establish Naturel Collagen to offer these transformational products to friends and family.”

Naturel Collagen has evolved significantly over the years. We are committed to continue to offer only the best, high-quality biologically active collagen skin care treatments and supplements – backed by science. The NC team is working hard to roll out new customer appreciation programs and promotions this month – more to come! Below are a few thoughts from Jacqui on how her life has been profoundly enriched since launching her company, Naturel Collagen.

“Doing something I really love has changed my life for the better.” J.D.

Since starting Naturel Collagen I have realized…

1. A healthier approach and zest for living.

    I’ve always been a health-conscious person, yet once the changes from my outward appearance and inner health became more apparent from using native collagen and taking the supplements, I was determined to fine tune my self-care routine. This includes a regular exercise routine, healthier food choices and an “all-in” positive attitude to life. Our body and mind are a temple – we must treat them well!

    2. Many new friendships and relationships.

      I enjoy attending industry functions and am grateful to be able to assist with several charitable causes. I cherish the friendships that I have forged over the years with business associates and my wonderful clients.

      3. Improved “inner” physical health.

        I love all the Naturel Collagen supplements and take most of them daily. I simply cannot live without Colvita and Vitamin C-olway with Collagen. Colvita is our top-selling collagen supplement that utilizes tropocollagen, algae extract and Vitamin E to slow the aging process. It’s the only supplement that the Sports University in Cologne, Germany recommends to its athletes. I am in my 60s and am over the moon with the range of motion I have – such excellent joint health and flexibility! Furthermore, my family doctor was surprised (and amazed) to report during my last check-up that my bone density readings are increasing each year. I am also thankful to have a robust immune system, as I rarely get sick with common illnesses such as colds and flu. This was not always the case, but since taking these amazing supplements, I am healthier than ever!

        4. Enhanced “outer” physical appearance.

        Many people tell me my complexion does not match my biological age – even complete strangers have complimented me on my glowing skin. I can’t stress enough how much regular collagen use has improved the health of my skin, nails and hair. I am a walking billboard for these products. 😊

        5. A greater appreciation for holistic health.

        I do not take any medications – only Naturel Collagen supplements. You won’t find any over-the-counter pain relievers in my bathroom cabinet! I’ve always been a fan of holistic medicine practices and try my best to stay away from any products containing chemical or artificial ingredients.

        6. Amplified “joie de vivre” and gratitude.

        Nothing puts a spring in my step more than hearing from a happy customer. Many Naturel Collagen customers have let us know over the years how their physical health has transformed through taking the supplements – as well as the joy they feel when wrinkles begin to fade and their skin becomes plumper and glowing. I am filled with gratitude when I hear these stories – we should all be so lucky to age with confidence, grace and a healthy mindset! I am thankful every single day to be afforded this experience and look forward to the years ahead.


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