3 Science-Backed Ways to Treat and Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite Collagen Slimming Serum Naturel Collagen

What, exactly, is cellulite? According to an In-Depth Report on the science of beauty, cellulite is a condition that affects women in far greater numbers than men. The report explains the exasperating phenomenon as follows:

As women start approaching menopause, estrogen starts decreasing. From 25 to 35 is when you start seeing the appearance of cellulite. Estrogen has an impact on the blood vessels. When estrogen starts to decrease, you lose receptors in blood vessels and thighs, so you have decreased circulation. With decreased circulation you get less oxygen and nutrition to that area, and with that we see a decrease in collagen production…. [Also, at this time] fat cells start becoming larger, [they] begin protruding through the collagen [and become the bumpy fat known as cellulite].”

Science agrees that there is a genetic component to determining the amount of cellulite you may or may not have. If you have inherited the unlucky predisposition to cellulite, fear not. There are many ways to treat and reduce cellulite.

Keep these three things in mind when dealing with cellulite:

1. Get Regular Exercise

By now we all know that regular exercise is our BFF -- so embrace it. Burning calories reduces fat and increases muscle tone. Firming the muscles below cellulite will help smooth the skin’s appearance -- disguising or reducing any dimpling. Exercise is also known to support lymphatic drainage – the system responsible for transporting toxins away from cells. Unhealthy or sluggish lymphatic drainage can contribute to the formation of cellulite.  Boosting circulation and blood flow is also critical, as it helps to break down the fat, ultimately evening out the skin.

2. Choose Your Food Wisely

Diet plays a leading role in the development of cellulite. Making smart food and drink choices can be a game-changer. Nutritionists and MDs recommend loading up on antioxidants and reducing toxins by adding plenty of salmon, dark berries, sunflower seeds, green and herbal tea as well as olive oil to discourage fat “cell expansion.” Saffron, dark chocolate and apple cider vinegar are also known to keep the skin dimple-free. Reduce toxins by limiting alcohol, tobacco, highly processed and sugar laden foods. You can never go wrong upping your water intake, as well.

3. Skin Care Treatments

According to the Science of Beauty report, there are three treatable aspects of cellulite reduction: reducing harmful fat (diet), increasing circulation (exercise) and addressing the collagen. Our Collagen Slimming Serum will tighten and tone the skin’s appearance. By regularly massaging this super-balsam into cellulite “hot spots” you’ll notice effectual results.

The Slimming Serum contains a combination of carefully selected active ingredients scientifically chosen to break down cellulite. Ruscus Extract, Centella Asiatica Extract, Caffeine, Iodine and L-carnitine work together to encourage the elimination of stubborn fat. The addition of fish-derived collagen hydrate offers numerous healing and invigorating properties, including the reduction of the appearance of spider veins and improving in the skin’s elasticity.

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