15 Years of Excellence in Skincare

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It’s been more than 15 years since Jacqui Dunal founded Naturel Collagen Canada. “The products are manufactured in Poland, and I am an official importer on record to North America,” she said.

Dunal was introduced to the collagen products through an acquaintance who is a scientist. “She talked about fish-derived native collagen, collagen that is biologically active and is transdermal, which means that it penetrates human skin due to smaller molecules,” she said.

She ordered the skincare products and tried them with her mom. They were so impressed with the results that Dunal decided to start selling it. The venture started by selling to friends, then neighbors, then coworkers. She grew her client base through word-of-mouth recommendations. Then she established a website and online shop. Dunal now has clients in North America, Europe and New Zealand. Both men and women use her products.

Her youngest client is 28 years old and her oldest client is in her 80s. “I always say that to preserve your skin you should start using collagen products as early as 25, simply because that’s the age when we start seeing depletion of collagen,” she said. “We start noticing little lines and maybe a few grey hairs, and the nails are not as strong. It does not matter what type of skin or complexion we have, we all need collagen. I have young clients, older clients and even clients who have gone through chemo who use the products and love them.”

Dunal recommends using the collagen serum twice a day, in the morning and at night, plus a face cream. “It’s important to have a daily regimen that will give you good-quality collagen and, of course, a good moisturizer or night cream. Those are absolutely necessary products that we should have in our bathroom cabinets,” she said.

For clients who wear makeup Dunal recommends makeup remover first. Then, cleanse the face, neck and décolletage using the gel face wash. Then, on slightly damp skin, apply Atelocollagen. “Atelocollagen goes very well with all skin types and age groups. I recommend, Atelocollagen or Pearl Atelocollagen, our other type of collagen serum,” she said. “A few minutes later, you apply Atelocream, as the moisturizer. You do this routine in the morning and at night.”

She added, “At night, you may add Atelomask occasionally because when we sleep our skin rejuvenates, so sleep is very important. Before you fall asleep, apply it, and then let the mask work its wonders.”

Dunal advises clients to finish up their other products before they start using Naturel Collagen products. “I don’t want anyone to use products that have alcohol or a high content of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is good, but needs to be applied by estheticians to get the proper effect, so I tell clients to finish whatever they’re using, then start with the Naturel Collagen skincare products without mixing and matching,” she said.

“We cannot stop the aging process, but we can age gracefully and with joy using good skincare products,” she said. “I always advise new clients the sooner you start to maintain your complexion, your skin, the better it will be in the long run.”

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